Ballard Community Center tagged by vandals

Two exterior walls of the Ballard Community Center (6020 28th Ave NW) are covered with blue tags.

This afternoon we walked around the building with Recreation Coordinator Robert Wilkens. He says the community center has been targeted in the past, but not often.

This time the taggers hit the front side of the building, north side of the building and the men’s bathroom door. Wilkens says the goal of the Parks Department is to respond and clean up the tags within 24 hours. We spotted other tags on a box truck and street sign. We also received an email that Ballard Locks Grocery and Deli has similar tags.

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30 thoughts to “Ballard Community Center tagged by vandals”

  1. What Boomp said. Really. The front page of a widely-read blog is way more than these people could have hoped for.

    Especially since what they apparently hoped for was goblins coming.

  2. ahh, more good deeds by the wonderful, nice and kindhearted youth of ballard…

    these are somebodies’ kids – open your eyes parents, and get ahold of what your kids are up to.

  3. take down the pics but keep the story.

    Tagging is on the increase in this part of Ballard. I live a few blocks from here and our trash cans, sign posts, vans are all getting tagged frequently in the past few months.

    I wish there was something we could do about it.

  4. These are another product of our wonderful society. No doubt these little white kids doing this are mere victims. As in a single parent home. A drinking parent. Both. And on and on. We have too many weenies around running the show to do much now. I am old enough to remember mom saying “just wait until your father gets home”. He did. And man was I scared. Too many fathers have been replaced by a check and this is called a sucess by democrats.

  5. Seriously, take down these pics. This isn’t the first time you guys have posted photos of graffiti on this blog and it isn’t the first time people have pointed out it’s not a good idea. Whats it going to take for you to get it through your thick skulls not to post this stuff?

  6. I have to chime in with the chorus. Please stop giving these little turds the glory of seeing their inane scribbles online.
    Why do you think the Parks Dept wants to clean them off quickly?

  7. The Norwegian:

    So you are blaming single parent mothers, alcoholism, and general bad parenting on democrats? Please elaborate, your post was border line incomprehensible.

  8. The taggers have their own web sites and FLICKr if they need to display their latest squiggle, so it gets seen anyway. The Phinney Ridge area has a number of similar new tags too.



  10. Burl Hives:

    You have to kidding if you think their flickr pages get anywhere near as much traffic as this blog. It is NOT a good idea to post pictures of tags here just because they can already be seen elsewhere.

  11. I don’t know why everyone is so upset that pictures of the grafitti were posted.

    I’m sure these kids took their own pics up on their myspace page or whatever.

    I don’t think this sort of punk reads this blog, or really cares that the pics are up–other than seeing how mad some of you get at the ‘free advertising’ —I also find that amusing!

  12. The graffiti on FLICKr is usually of a more skilled hand. This stuff is just gibberish by a middle school idiot. Still, it costs the tax payers to clean it off and siphons money away from other more important things – like keeping the center open. One day in the future, one of these ding -a-lings might even own something that gets vandalized and then they will get it.

  13. Look for teenage boys who are into World of Warcraft…there is a game, Goblins are Coming.

    So, all you single mom democrats collecting child support, go to thebasement re room this weekend and roust out your boys and look under their finger nails for spray paint. And while your at it, tell him to wash his face and pull up his pants, or no more internet! Or paint money!

  14. My my – another day and still hasn’t taken down the pictures. Like I said, keep the post REMOVE the pictures.

    On a side note: I’d be quite happy to set up a weekend neighborhood patrol. You don’t have to catch these little turds, just flash a camera at their faces.

  15. ‘nothing to see here’: may not be an increase in petty crime, but there’s been a dramatic increase in felony crimes throughout ballard and the city.

    i don’t understand the ‘joking’ about the ‘teen boys’ ‘terds’, ‘taggers’, etc.

    there’s a serious problem with gangs in this area and washington in general…and those ‘spray painting kids’ are also involved in severel other non-petty crimes.

    they deserve more than spray paint in the face…sorry, they may be young, but they’re old enough to know better.

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