Molly Moon’s ice cream truck comes to Ballard

Last month we mentioned that the Molly Moon’s ice cream truck would be hitting the road and they were looking for interested neighborhoods to host them. Looks like Ballard made the short list.

The truck, with several of the popular Molly Moon’s flavors on board, made a stop on Sunday evening at the Ballard Sip & Ship. “They will be back in Ballard on a regular schedule this summer,” Diana Naramore with Sip & Ship tells us. You can sign up for the “truck alerts” here, via Twitter here, or soon by using their iPhone app. “With our app, you’ll be able to track the location of the Molly Moon’s truck in real time and receive iPhone alerts whenever the truck enters your zipcode!” Their website states. (Disclosure: Sip and Ship is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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  1. Alternatively you could just buy Snoqualmie ice cream and add your own sauce. That’s what Molly does…except she also adds in a dose of horrendous customer service to make the lines long so everyone wonders what so great.

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