Winner of ‘Fitness Fest’ loses half his body fat

It took just three months for Ballardite Adam Davis to change his lifestyle and daily routine to become the winner of the inaugural Ballard Fitness Fest.

“I’ve struggled with losing weight my entire life,” Davis says, “Mostly with keeping up the motivation and the drive to continue whatever exercise plan or diet I was doing at the time. The fitness fest just seemed doable. Even if I didn’t win, I would have proved something to myself.”

Davis says he needs new clothes after winning the Ballard Fitness Fest.

During the competition, Davis lost 18 pounds of weight and nearly 12 percent of his body fat for a total loss of 29.5 pounds of body fat. “I actually did much better than I thought I would, considering I ate eggs and bacon on a regular basis and didn’t give up my near-daily beer consumption,” Davis says.

Here’s how he did it:

I followed a pretty strict (except the beer, noted above) primal diet from Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. I ate plenty of fruits and vegetables, while deriving most of my energy from fats and proteins. I cut out all pasta, bread, processed foods, etc. I did not feel deprived at all really, except for pizza, burgers, and macaroni and cheese. Other than that I felt very healthy, and not like I was “dieting.” As far as exercise goes, I went to the gym 2-3 days a week. Most of what I did was with natural resistance, doing pushups, pullups, chinups, etc. I didn’t get on a weight machine once the whole time. I didn’t do a single minute of running or stationary cycling.

As the winner of the Fitness Fest, Davis earned himself a $250 gift certificate to any shop in Ballard. He chose to spend the money at Kitchen N’ Things, on the corner of 24th and Market. “Considering most of my weight loss was due to changing my eating habits–mostly by cooking and eating at home, I think that giving myself more tools to continue making healthy meals would be an appropriate use of the prize,” he says.

EDGE Personal Training (Sponsor of MyBallard) sponsored the Fitness Fest for all residents of Ballard and intends to do another one next year. Davis has this advice for next year’s participants, “Don’t look at your diet or your workout as a chore but as a way to challenge yourself,” he says, “Find joy in the things that were hard last week but are easier now.”

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39 thoughts to “Winner of ‘Fitness Fest’ loses half his body fat”

  1. how do you lose 18lbs. of weight and almost 30lbs. of fat?

    would’ve been nice to see a ‘before’ picture when he was packing the extra pounds.


  2. And the muscles weigh more than the fat, so there’s a few more pounds that he actually lost in fat, but then the conversion to muscle gained him a few pounds. So he probably lost more than 20# of fat.

  3. he looks pretty young–like to see him lose that much when he’s older

    (especially going to the gym only 2-3 times per week–someone’s metabolism will catch up with him!)

  4. Young and male. The real news would have been someone in their 40s and/or female doing the same thing. Check back when you’re in your 50s and if you still have a chin, we’ll give you a prize.

  5. What’s with the negativity? Who cares what his age/sex is. He lost weight. He’s healthier. And so are, I’m sure, many others who participated in this fest.

  6. If the doubters want to see how people over 40 lose weight on his programme they only need to go over to the Primal Blueprint website and visit the forum. Lots of people like me over 40 and losing weight easily without excessive gym workouts.

  7. I am 44 and have lost 25 pounds during the past 10 weeks following the advice in the Primal Blueprint. As for exercise, I have been irregular at best. Not once in a gym, but some walking and body weight training. Now that I have lost weight my desire to do more has increased, and I look forward to much more activity. I am hoping to break the 180 mark in the next week.

  8. Its a great way of life. I’ve done it and lost 20 lbs while adding more lean muscle mass. It isn’t really that hard and for those vegans out there you can never get the proper amount of protein from soy. This is a cleaner more natural way to eat and live. Cut out the fast food and start eating more greens wityh cleaner protein sources. Not onyl do you feel better and your body runs more efficiently but you also help local farmers by buying at the Farmer’s Market. We’re cheap as heck and we found its actually a cheaper lifestyle. I’m also not young like this chap. I just turned 55 so if a 55 yr old guy with a bad back (well that was before) can do this than why can’t everyone else?

  9. Where’s my reward for not get fat in the first place? Wow, you’re fat and lost weight on a fad diet w/o much exercise. Sounds healthy…
    BTW: It’s not your glands, it’s your mouth.

  10. See, Fatties- reducing your portions and good ols excersize is all you need to loose weight. Quit your excuses of “It’s not my fault!” It’s my metabolism! It’s my genetics!”

    Good for him

  11. I just checked out the ‘primal blueprint’ web page as others instructed and it looks like a total sham.

    the claims they make are outrageous, and make it sound like even those with the weakest will power can achieve life long success as a slim guy with boundless energy.

    I know they’re just trying to sell the product (information), but really?

    I already eat pretty healthy, and I exercise a lot more than these people claim. I know proper food is important. But unless you eat total crap now, it’s not going to change your life.

  12. Actually it works pretty well. Keep in mind that the success stories are from people who used to be trying to lose on diet soda and juice fasts. The exercise is really unnecessary, it’s 90% what you eat, so probably you overestimate the willpower it takes to lose weight. It might be a little exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a scam.

  13. I encourage everyone here to do their own research beyond the PB website; there is a lot of evidence to support the information on that so-called “sham” website. Read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by award-winning science journalist Gary Taubes and you won’t think the same about conventional nutritional wisdom again.

  14. A sham to sell their products? Hey smart guy, the website is free. You can buy Mark’s books if you want to but I didn’t. All the info is free at Perhaps you should spend some time on a website before generalizing.

    As for the age thing, you cab do this at any age. Just because you feel your life sucks and you don’t have the will power to eat meat, veggies, fruit, nuts doesn’t mean this doesn’t work. Spend more time reading and researching and less time feeling sorry for yourself.

    Grok On!!!!

  15. I don’t know why people assume that eating the way our ancestors did is a ‘sham’ instead of just plain logical. Yes, it takes a bit of will power as most people in this country have a habit of eating a lot of junk calories. You are cutting out processed sugars and starches that have tons of calories and very few nutrients. They are all empty calories. You replace them with foods that are much more healthful and that also taste good as well. When the body gets healthy food, hunger slowly abates naturally. The ‘sham’ is assuming sugary carbs with poor nutrition value are in any way healthy. However, carbs are tasty and addictive so it takes a bit of effort at first, but once you get in the right habits, it’s surprisingly easy as you no longer crave those empty calories.

  16. I think most people would be able to make significant improvements in their body composition by just tossing out the obvious junk, such as sodas, juices, potato chips and the like. You don’t even have to stop eating fast food, just take it with water instead of soda.

    Personally, I have also made significant improvements by following the free advice on the primal blueprint site; and I have to admit I did not fare nearly as well following nutrition advice from other sources (such as nutritiondata and caloriecount).

  17. To the haters – go ahead and try it. Do a month on it. See how you look, feel and perform. The first few weeks are a bit of a drag because of the lack of grains and having to find other energy sources that your body hasn’t been used to for your entire life (even though they’re designed for it). After that you will see major improvements.

    Vegans, sorry guys, you’re welcome to your opinions, wrong as they are.

    And, as noted, it’s FREE. You can buy his book or other products, but unlike alot of the fad diets (which this, by its own definition, is NOT) you don’t NEED them to succeed.

  18. It is clear that some people posting here have very little knowledge about Mark and his Primal Blueprint approach – he has quite a following, and rightfully so. It worked here for Adam, and I supect there were other folks competing not following his approach. It must come a shock that getting fit like Adam is a lot easier than people expect.

  19. I am a 50yr old female & former vegetarian who “stumbled” upon the Daily Apple website over a year ago. I don’t go to a gym & have a desk job. However, I seem to consistantly weigh 10lbs less than I used, simply by sticking to the Primal Blueprint way of eating. Ya, I bought the book and the new cookbook, but I buy my fish oil supplement locally. My digestive tract is much happier & my forehead no longer hits my desk @ 2:30pm. 20yrs of insomnia went away. MDA is NOT a scam, it is an ever-growing community of people ready to break out of the unhealthy eating & living habits of the modern age. It is filled with support, encouragement, questions, anwers, & more. Besides all that, I love the recipes!! Like mom used to tell us “don’t say eww ’til you’ve tried it”

  20. Yeah what a sham, that Primal Blue Print.

    Who in the world would ever think that stabilizing insulin levels and cutting out processed junk foods is healthy? Only a sneaky shamster.

    Science is SO OVERRATED.

  21. Hey Everyone,

    You’re missing the point. This guy did a great job sticking to a new lifestyle and reaped the rewards. Congrats Adam (great name BTW).

    to the PBers – After reading just about everything I can get my hands on (the list somehow keeps growing), I still don’t understand how some people can think that eating vegetables, meat, fruits and some seeds and nuts is unhealthy.

    To the conventional wisdom people – Something that is really difficult to do is shift a paradigm. The science in nutrition isn’t bad, it’s just focussed too much on presumptions.

    Anyway, everyone! let’s get along! CONGRATS BUDDY! Keep up the good work!

  22. Way to go! I think since Mark posted this link, things might be skewed a bit, but Hooray for Meat, veg, fruit, nuts and seeds and psst…maybe some full fat dairy! After a lifetime of severe eczema and allergies I am on board..but struggle occasionally with the salty/crunchy urges..with a cold beer anyone? LOL it is an ongoing experience, and I am so happy for Adam…Grok on!

  23. Over 45 years old; Been following the Primal Blueprint ( about 90% of my food intake for four months now; Spent $0.00 dollars on any products so far. Getting lean and muscular; Seeing a six-pack on MY abs for the first time in my life! Sleeping better; No more hunger headaches and grumpy attitude. It takes some organization and thinking ahead to set up your home with proper food. This is not a fad diet, not a scam, IS supported by both science AND RESULTS from a huge spectrum of individual people. All I can recommend is make the time to get educated.

  24. I like how as soon as someone is trying to make a buck, doing what they love, its suddenly a sham… go on, live in your cynical, jaded world. I prefer to give the benefit of a doubt.

  25. I am a 57-year-old woman who has lost 17 pounds so far (and I continue to lose weekly) on the way of eating Adam followed, so don’t blame his success on his young age. I do no exercise whatsoever. My blood sugar is stable all the time now, my body fat is shrinking, and my aches and pains have disappeared. I no longer crave sugar or chocolate, and when I occasionally eat them it doesn’t set off a binge like it did before. I don’t count calories, and I am never (as in NEVER) hungry. This is a viable lifestyle and it works. If you don’t believe it, just give it a try. Everything you need to know about it is given to you FOR FREE at And no, I don’t work for them or profit in any way other than in my improved health.

  26. I started a primal type diet about 3-4 years ago. I sort of stumbled upon it accidentally. At the time I did it, I didn’t’ know about Marksdailyapple website.
    I was having blood sugar issues, and after being a “good nurse” and following the ADA guidelines, and just getting worse, I realized they had it all wrong, and that I needed to cut out all grains, and sugar, and processed foods. I just ate what could either be kiiled or picked. You know, just Real Food.
    In 4 months I lost 30 lbs. My oral glucose tolerance test, after steadily climbing for 2 years, dropped from 198 to 100. My blood pressure went from 135/90’s to 110/60’s.
    It was then I found Marks site and discovered that there were a lot more like me and that this way of eating even had a name “primal”.
    After all this time, I still just eat Real Food. Nothing out of a box or can (except sardines and coconut milk). I stopped using vegitable oils and only use real butter or organic coconut oil. I get my meat from a butcher that only uses pasture raised grass fed beef. I’ve upped my fat intake considerable. As for the comment about seeing an “older” person do that, I’m 50. I’m in better shape than some 25 year olds I know. I do not belong to a gym, I just lift some weights a home, and use a 10 lb sledgehammer as a workout tool.
    Through all this I’ve learned that “conventional wisdom” that I was taught in nursing school, has it all wrong. The ADA is so far off with their diet advise. So is the American Heart Association. I work at a cardiac specialty home care agency and see the damage caused by there dangerous dietary advice every day. Good thing I stopped doing what the ADA said or I’d be a full fledged diabetic by now.
    I’m sometimes by Registered Dietitians that say we have to follow the governments food guidelines and eat up to 65% of calories from carbs. But we can see where this got us. A nation of fat diabetics.
    Here are some interesting links for more learning:
    And here’s why we’ll never get good dietary advice to cut the carbs from the ADA. Can you say “conflict of interest”?

  27. Congrats Adam :-) Some people just are skeptical yet not open minded or don’t have the info. has reasons on “why” gluten is not healthy. shows you the truths & myths we all were brought up on. The Vegetarian Myth is a must read book. Vegans don’t get “all” Vit & Minerals & fats necessary for the body. The Rx Co. is making $ from following that food piramid. We are “still” #1 in obesity & illness. Food Inc/King Corn/Sicko must see documentaries. best web site for those who “really” care about their health & of their families. Hope this helps. ;-)

  28. Portion size doesn’t matter with PB…eat until you’re stuffed! That’s the beauty or eating this way, as Adam said “and not like I was ‘dieting’.”.
    I was eating paleo then stumbled upon the MDA website and switched to the Primal “Lifestyle”. My wife was skeptical then found she was gluten intolerant. She started following PB and lost 30 pounds. Her Dr. read her blood numbers and commented that they were the best numbers he had seen since he started practicing!
    Eat meat, veggies, and fat! Grok on!

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