Woman interrupts burglary in progress

A woman who had just arrived home believes she almost came face to face with a burglar.  On June 18 around 5pm, the woman came home in the 8800 block of 29th Ave NW.  She soon discovered that electronics and money had been stolen.  Some valuable and easy to take items had been left behind at the ground floor window which had been broken, leading the victim to believe she scared off the burglar when she drove up.  The homeowners had just moved in and found it odd that they were targeted so quickly.  Police were able to lift a fingerprint left behind.  $2100 in a coin purse that was a housewarming gift was also apparently stolen.

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  1. $2100 in a coin purse? left on a ground floor window sill?

    is this person related to the guy that locks his stuff in a safe then leaves the key on top?

  2. North Beach has had an unusual amount of crime lately. Are those residents going to demand more “police presence”, and why not. People are not stealing to fuel their cars. They are however fueling something else. Isn’t it great living here, in Berkley North, where we have a mayor in way over his head? And he’s talking cop cuts next year. Maybe he wants crime, so we’ll pass yet another tax on ourselves? The government wouldn’t do that, would it?

  3. hoping it’s related to the burglary (and others) several weeks ago in nb, where the window was broken, electronics, etc. etc. stolen, and the car ripped off…nice, isn’t it?

    thank you burglar(s) for leaving behind some prints…one thing you’ve done right.

  4. i live a few blocks east of the Loyal Heights CC and had a package stolen off of my front porch on tuesday.

    it was a TV being delivered by UPS…why the driver would leave it without a signature, especially considering I was home, is beyond me.

    driver left it on my porch at 12:40 pm. I left my house about an hour later and it was nowhere to be found.

    I would recommend anyone expecting deliveries to either be at home and keep an eye out for UPS or FedEx or whoever and/or request them to leave it with a neighbor if you are not at home.

    official police report of incident is pending…

  5. It’s not the driver’s fault–it’s up to the sender to request the signature. I’ve been required to sign for far less valuable items.

  6. I just moved into a home in ballard. Ive been here 3 weeks, and this saturday, i had my basement door kicked in and all computers, jewelry, cameras, etc stolen. I had been home all day, and i went to the store for aprox. 20 minutes. Suspect is aprox. 6 foot, caucasian male, black hoodie, black jeans. He was seen creeping around my house by a neighbor prior to the robbery.

  7. interesting, fits the descrip of another person who’s girlfriend is saying N. Beach is targeting him unecessarily….Clyde, did you report this to the police? Not saying ‘he’s’ the one, but geez, quite the coincidence w/two break ins, and two same descrips?

  8. The correct story is: $2200 left in a black luggage bag under their couch in the living room. They had in laws visiting and the mother-in-law left her carry on luggage bag under their couch that afternoon while they went out for a late afternoon lunch. She was planning to give it to her son for an early Father’s Day/House warming gift when they returned home…So, NO these folks are not “related to the guy who leaves his things in a safe with the key hanging on it”. This is a sad and unfortunate situation that happened to some really good people that I know! Everything they had that was stolen was practically hidden in a closet or partially packed in a box…they still have not unpacked everything!

  9. Dear “YEP”, The author did not state that the coin purse was “left on a ground floor window sill?” He stated that “items had been left behind at the ground floor window which had been broken…” which means that the burglars DROPPED ITEMS AS THEY WERE LEAVING THE WINDOW THEY HAD BROKEN. They dropped a keyboard to a computer and some other random items they were trying to take.

    The neighbors that have lived on the block for 20+ years and the two police officers said that this has never happened in the neighborhood. It’s interesting and sad to read about other incidents that have happened close by. I wish there was something we could do to help stop these criminals.

    – another friend of the homeowners

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