Oil spill means business for Ballard company

The oil spill in the gulf has one Ballard company working overtime. Kvichak Marine Industries builds skimmer boats that can work in 15 feet of water or less, making their product attractive for the clean-up efforts. Our news partners, The Seattle Times, reports that two boats have been delivered with workers assembling 28 more.

Photo of a 30′ Rapid Response Skimmer

Donald Nalty with ES&H, the emergency-response company working the spill, tells the Times that the Kvichak skimmers are the “vessel of choice” for the cleanup. “They’re one of the most productive skimmers we have on the spill right now,” Nalty tells the Times. He says the skimmers can collect an average of 250 to 500 barrels of oil each day, but have the capabilities to pick up 1,000 barrels a day.

You can read more about the skimmers and how they operate in this Seattle Times article.

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