Your guide to fireworks and zombies

If you’re planning to head over to Gas Works Park this Sunday to watch the fireworks show, then we recommend reading My Wallingford’s fireworks guide featuring the schedule, parking, road closures and other events in the area.

Updated: Meanwhile, thousands of zombies took over Fremont on Saturday evening in an attempt to reclaim a world record.

“A lot of people have been watching a lot of zombie movies, because they were all kinds of convincing,” says Athima with Fremont Universe, who snapped a ton of photos here. No official word yet on whether the record was broken.

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10 thoughts to “Your guide to fireworks and zombies”

  1. Yeah – I know what you are saying SPG – but the kids, think of the kids.
    They love a chance to dress up, put on make-up and speak through grunts and gestures. I am glad that they have something to do to get them out of the house.

  2. With no jobs, I guess people DO have lots of time on their hands, and will fall for anything. Is this supposed to represent something? Help somebody? Perhaps having a dog or a tattoo is just so 2009? Look at me, look at me, I’m dead. All dressed up and nowhere to go!

  3. I think I may have come off a little too harsh on these people. I’m glad they’re having fun with it, but you can’t call it edgy or hip. It’s a trend that’s passed it’s prime and is bordering on the Austin Powers imitation and…
    Wait…I’m being a wee bit harsh again. Have fun.

  4. I have for the most part quit reading the comments on here because people are so frequently nasty or judgemental.

    Here’s another example. Norwegian, what does having a job or NOT having a job have to do with going to the Zombie walk? So it’s not your cup of tea, we get it. But get off your high horse. If you don’t like it, don’t go watch it. But don’t be a wet blanket.

    SPG, you acknowledge you’re being harsh but it doesn’t stop you from slipping one last dig in before you pretend to digress.

    Just leave other people alone, they had fun. It’s not a crime.

  5. “SPG, you acknowledge you’re being harsh but it doesn’t stop you from slipping one last dig in before you pretend to digress.”

    Therein lies one of the ingredients of humor. If you take everything you read on the internet that seriously and take deep offense perhaps you should heed the advice of your own name.

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