Viking Days at Nordic Heritage Museum

One of Ballard’s favorite annual events is underway at the Nordic Heritage Museum all weekend, featuring Viking reenactments, Scandinavian food, crafts, historic exhibits, live music and a beer garden.

We shot a short video tour of Viking Days on Saturday afternoon, starting off with Einar Tapio playing to a happy crowd in the beer garden, with Odin Brewing and Carlsberg on tap. The video ends with the Folk Voice Band.

We toured the Viking encampment, and watched the preparation of the traditional Danish pancakes, æbleskiver. There’s also Finnish sima, Icelandic vinarterta, Norwegian lefse, and Swedish meatballs (our personal favorite). Folks enjoyed a salmon dinner on Saturday night, and head on down Sunday morning for the Swedish pancake breakfast, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There are plenty of crafts and Scandinavian-inspired jewelry, as well.

Don’t forget the raffle — $2 a ticket benefits the museum, and prizes include two roundtrip tickets anywhere in Scandinavia. Vikings Days runs to 6 p.m. on Sunday. More details here.

Geeky Swedes

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3 thoughts to “Viking Days at Nordic Heritage Museum”

  1. “one of Ballard’s favorite events?”

    according to who? this is a total snoozefest. cranky old-timers reliving the “good old days” when Ballard meant homogeneity and outsiders knew their place.

    nothing to celebrate except maybe the continued decline of “old Ballard.”

  2. Whoa Vikings – speak for yourself. This is one of *this* Ballardite’s favorite events. Low-key, great for kids, and who can say no to aebleskivers?

  3. “Scandinavian-inspired jewelry”?

    That looks like an evil eye, which I was under the impression was Mediterrenian (Greek specifically).

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