Curb installation on 28th Ave NW delayed

The Seattle Department of Transportation has pushed the construction slated for 28th Ave NW until next month.

Crews will be adding curbs on both sides of 28th Ave between NW 56th and 57th and one-half block just south of NW 56th on the east side of the street to create a safer walking environment for pedestrians.. Marybeth Turner with SDOT says, “The paving crews now expect to begin this project on 28th NW during the first or second weeks of August. This work was rescheduled because work on other projects preceding this one are taking longer than expected.”

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4 thoughts to “Curb installation on 28th Ave NW delayed”

  1. “Taking longer than expected”. Imagine that. From a city crew. Get out. Really? Can’t wait for that wonderful tunnel now too. The workers don’t really care either as they’re hourly paid employees, paid by us schlubs.

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