Dutch Bike Co. opens in Kolstrand Building

The first business is open at the renovated Kolstrand Building.

Dutch Bike Company moved into the space at 4741 Ballard Ave NW over the weekend, one day after the city granted the building owners their Certificate of Occupancy. David Schmidt of Dutch Bike Co. tells us that they first signed on to move into this building a couple of years ago, “It’s something that we wanted to do with our bikes is to have a space that is an emporium,” he tells us.

Along with being a full-service bike shop, Dutch Bike also has a cafe at its new location. They’ll serve Lighthouse Coffee, have ice cream sandwiches and sell Macrina items like demi-baguette sandwiches. “All stuff you can box up and take on a picnic,” Schmidt says. “It all flows with what we’re doing with the bike. It’s about slowing down, spending time with your family, your friends.”

One of the highlights of the shop is the large window that swings open.

Schmidt demonstrated the system to us and says a bar will be installed in the next few days so people can eat and drink under the window that turns into an awning. The bike shop will be open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at least six days a week and the cafe will be open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Thanks Robby for the tip!)

Also: Two restaurants in the Kolstrand Building close to opening.

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12 thoughts to “Dutch Bike Co. opens in Kolstrand Building”

  1. Wow. This has got to be kind of rough news for Bikesport. They sell fairly different kinds of bikes, for the most part, but they do service at both places and that new Dutch space looks really appealing.

  2. I watched with great amusement the other day as a family with Dutch bikes struggled going up a hill. Why would anyone would want to buy heavy expensive bikes built for a country that is flat as board in a city full of hills ?

  3. Alex:

    I was thinking the same thing!

    I run a lot of my errands on bike but would never want one of those Gazelle bikes for such a trip. Those bikes have the right idea – utilitarian and not requiring special clothes or shoes – but the execution is all wrong for Seattle.

  4. Both Dutch Bike and BikeSport are great shops, but I’m not sure Dutch Bike would have in stock parts like bottom brackets etc for the types of bikes that Bike Sport sells and vice versa.

    It does look like a very inviting space, and much less out-of-the-way than their old location.

  5. “Why would anyone would want to buy heavy expensive bikes built for a country that is flat as board in a city full of hills ?”

    …..because most of the 30+ hipsters who buy them were too stoned in Holland to remember how flat it was.

  6. I see people struggle uphill on carbon fiber bikes and to boot they have noisy chains. at least they’re riding. and what about second ascent? probably the best shop in ballard anyway.

  7. Finally…. All the vehicles of people visiting Dutch Bike were taking up all the parking spots for the 14th St Boat Launch. On a Saturday, most of the spots meant for vehicles with trailers were taken up by single cars. Very frustrating.

  8. Nice. Will definitely swing by and check out the new space.
    And no, I’m not a hipster and I didn’t take any of your precious trailer spots and I can ride any kind of cycle uphill including uni/bi/motor.

  9. My great-uncle Thomas Olsen Breiwick owned and operated Kolstrand for many years, and I spent good times there with my cousins when visiting the NW—I worried about the fate of that grand old building and it’s history when Kolstrand closed, so I’m glad to see the building put to such great use and the next time I head North, it’s the first place I’ll go for coffee.

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