New restaurants on Ballard Ave close to opening

The Dutch Bike Co. just opened in the Kolstrand Building (4737 Ballard Ave. NW), but what about those restaurants? Staple & Fancy, chef Ethan Stowell’s new restaurant, has applied for a sidewalk cafe permit.

Work is still underway inside the restaurant, but we’re told that Staple & Fancy should open in the next couple of weeks.

The opening of chef Renee Erickson’s new oyster bar, The Walrus & the Carpenter, is imminent. The restaurant is on the backside of the building with double doors that open to an outdoor eating space (shown above.) She Tweeted on July 29th, “We are getting very close – the newest restaurant in Ballard will be opening within a week – stay tuned for details.” You can follow the restaurant’s progress on Twitter (@thewalrusbar).

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8 thoughts to “New restaurants on Ballard Ave close to opening”

  1. Wonderful news. More “service jobs”. I guess somebody has to cater to all the yupsters in todays Ballard. Funny though, how a few years ago these just weren’t the “right kind of jobs”, and now all in utopia is OK with ’em. Yes, I can say hypocrites. At least somebody is making an effort/taking risk in this crap of an economy.

  2. Better snap up those oysters while you still can- the acidification of the oceans (and Puget Sound) is no joke- in a generation, no one will be eating any shellfish if this trend continues.

  3. Man, what a bunch of negative nerds on this post. No more oysters, bad service jobs. Guess what , we’re all gonna die someday too!!!

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