‘Staple & Fancy’ sidewalk cafe approved

One of Ballard’s newest dining options is hoping to cash in on what’s left of summer.  Staple and Fancy Mercantile has just been approved for a sidewalk cafe.  The restaurant is named for a newly-exposed old brick wall (pictured below) in the Kolstrand building (4742 Ballard Ave).  “Staple and Fancy” is the latest in a long line of restaurants run by chef Ethan Stowell.

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10 thoughts to “‘Staple & Fancy’ sidewalk cafe approved”

  1. I am sick & tired of all these places opening for only dinner and no lunch. Many people like me take their largest meal during the noon-2:00 p.m. hours and are either working or at home in the evenings. There are lots of places I would try, if they were only open during mid-day hours. Not everyone is a night owl, and some work evening shifts!

  2. It seems like just about every other place adding sidewalk seating got a post of their own as well. Even the widely loathed Azteca got press. It feels unlikely to me that Staple and Fancy (which I found to be quite tasty) is getting special treatment.

    Too bad the sidewalk seating is landing just as the summer ends!

  3. Glad to see so many new businesses trying to make it in Ballard. Looking forward to trying this out.


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  4. I just heard that Ethan and Chad Dale from the Kolstrand Building are planning on opening a Hamburger joint in the area as well – that would be incredible and another great addition to Ballard (fingers crossed)…

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