Dick’s Drive-In starts contest to open new restaurant

Dick’s Drive-In is a Seattle staple (including the location here at 9208 Holman Road), yet the five-location chain hasn’t opened a new restaurant since the Lower Queen Anne location in 1974. But all of that is about to change.

For the first time in 36 years, Dick’s is adding a new location to its ranks—it just hasn’t decided where yet. The three areas under consideration are North Seattle (south Snohomish County/Shoreline), South Seattle (West Seattle through Renton and Tukwila) or the Eastside.

The hamburger joint is putting the question to the people, with a poll in its website. Currently the race is neck-to-neck, with North Seattle at 33 percent of votes, South Seattle at 32 percent, and the Eastside leading with 34 percent. If you vote, be warned that Dick’s website is running very slow.

10 thoughts to “Dick’s Drive-In starts contest to open new restaurant”

  1. Well… one thing is for sure – we don't need Dick's here in Ballard…

    We've got enough of them on this message board already!

  2. Baff. What humor you have, dude without home. I think this would be a nice addition to Ballard(right where they want to plop that Urness facility, for example).

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