Vera’s Restaurant and Missing Link Cafe apply for liquor licenses

It looks like you could soon have a Bloody Mary at one of Ballard’s best known spots for breakfast.  Vera’s Restaurant at 5417 22nd Ave NW has just applied for a liquor license to sell spirits, beer and wine.

Vera’s Restaurant

The Missing Link Cafe, inside the newly opened Dutch Bike Co. on 4741 Ballard Ave., has also applied for a license to sell beer and wine.  The cafe and bike company are part of the renovated Kolstrand Building.

The Missing Link Cafe inside Dutch Bike Co.

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

4 thoughts to “Vera’s Restaurant and Missing Link Cafe apply for liquor licenses”

  1. I love Vera's, but I don't go there very often because I have to go get cash first. Maybe now that they are going to serve beer and wine they will decide to also join the 21st century and take plastic.

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