$2 ‘Try It’ campaign at Ballard’s community centers

For just $2, you can try out classes at Ballard’s two community centers – the Loyal Heights Community Center (2101 NW 77th St) and Ballard Community Center (6020 28th Ave NW.)

Photo of yoga class courtesy Loyal Heights Community Center.

From now until October 9th, many of the classes such as yoga, art, youth sports, karate and circuit training are available for the low fee. If you like the class, you can sign up for the remainder of the class at a pro-rated fee. Some classes such as pre-school and gymnastics are excluded from the promotion. For more information, please contact the Loyal Heights Community Center at 206-684-4052 or Ballard Community Center at 206-684-4093. (Disclosure: The Seattle Parks & Recreation “Try it for $2” is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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The founders of My Ballard

11 thoughts to “$2 ‘Try It’ campaign at Ballard’s community centers”

  1. Nice to see Seattle Parks & Recreation doing something nice for Ballard, even though our way of saying ‘thanks’ is a lawsuit from our Chamber of Commerce to stop the Burke Gilman trail.

  2. but wait…seattle parks & recreation is as sponsor of myballard, and myballard is a chamber member.

    therefore settle parks & recreation supportst the lawsuit and is trying to stop the BGT.

    so how can you commend them?

  3. While I’d prefer they advertise elsewhere, I don’t think you can argue that the City of Seattle buying ads on this site means they support the lawsuit, which is FILED AGAINST THE CITY OF SEATTLE.

    Chamber retards will stop at nothing, honestly.

  4. Why do you hate children, sick people, and the elderly? St. Alphonsus School, Swedish Medical Center and the Ballard NW Senior Center are BCC members.

  5. but why not?

    according to the logic of pro-trail zealots, any chamber member is supporting the lawsuit by being a dues-paying member. therefore, it’s logical to assume that any organization that sponsors a chamber member like myBallard is also guilty-by-association in supporting the lawsuit. why would the city of seattle be exempt? and would you really put it past them to sue themselves?

    and “chamber retards”? name calling. that’s mature.

  6. What? What does that even mean?? ABtm who are you and why do you keep polluting the comments with nonsense that none of us even understand.

  7. My name is Alan, and I live in Ballard in a home my wife and I have owned for twelve years.

    I am responding to Ballard Dad’s vitriol against the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, which he demonizes because of their participation in the lawsuit to delay completion of the Missing Link. I was pointing out that there are other demographics served by members of the BCC and that his unrelenting campaign is self-serving and narrow-minded. Personally, while I am in favor of completing the Trail, I don’t think it is a high priority, and I don’t think that all parties have worked in good faith to piece together a workable compromise.

    Does that explain things, Janet? And why don’t you register?

  8. Oh, and Ballard Dad, and Pho, and the rest of you anti-BCC crusaders? I plan to respond to each of your thread hijackings with the same comment as above, at least until I grow bored with the foolish game you play.

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