New walkway coming to part of Crown Hill

Neighbors in Crown Hill are about to see a change they’ve been pushing for quite a while. A proposal to build a walkway along 13th Ave NW between NW 90th and Holman Road with a spur on NW 90th from 13 NW to 14 Ave NW just got approval. It will be paid for through the city’s Neighborhood Street Fund.

Neighbors argued the walkway is needed since many families and children use the street to get to places like Whitman Middle School, Whittier Elementary, North Beach Elementary, and Crown Hill Elementary School Park and playfield.

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6 thoughts to “New walkway coming to part of Crown Hill”

  1. Is this what Mayor McGinn was promising to get done since he lived in the area? Or am I getting this confused with some other sidewalks?

  2. What will Loyal Heights be able to hold over Crown Hill now that they get sidewalks? Without cars parked on their lawns, how can I look down on them?

    Oh yeah, it didn’t say anything about paving alleys, or offering free dental care!

  3. The people on the block pictured won’t be seeing a change they’ve been pushing for anytime soon. The street pictured is 18th between 87th and 89th. I walk down that street all the time to get to the park/fields near Whitman and there are always people walking down that street. The intersection of 87th and 18th is especially bad at morning rush hour because you get a-holes who go flying down 87th in an effort to avoid the light at 85th and 15th. Twice now I’ve nearly been hit by the same middle aged woman in a new blue Subaru who thinks the neighborhood is her own personal shortcut to avoid the light.

  4. “what happens when someone gets killed?”

    We call it an accident, forgive the driver and blame the pedestrian. Motorists are never at fault for the damage they do – it’s always an accident, never neglect or incompetence. Heaven forbid we expect people to be skilled at driving or pay attention while behind the wheel.

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