Introducing deals from North Seattle neighborhoods

There are a lot of coupon and deals sites popping up in Seattle, but they’re mostly run by out-of-town businesses and focused on the entire metro area. After hearing some ideas from local businesses, we’re happy to introduce North Seattle Guide, a new site powered by our network of neighborhood blogs that offers deals right here at home, from the Space Needle to Northgate Mall.

North Seattle Guide features printable and shareable discounts that don’t cost you a penny. They originate from our neighborhood sponsors, who can post deals for no additional charge (see details). This is a big departure from many other sites, which keep a big cut of the revenue and sent it to their corporate offices in Chicago, San Francisco or New York.

Our hope is these deals will help encourage everyone to shop here in North Seattle, especially as we near the holiday season. Visit, or get deals via Facebook (below), Twitter or email.

We only have a few deals to start, but please be patient — more are coming soon. And thank you for shopping local!

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

3 thoughts to “Introducing deals from North Seattle neighborhoods”

  1. I tried to put in my email and clicked “sign up” but got


    Looks like the page you’re looking for has been moved or had its name changed. Or maybe it’s just fate. You could use the search box in the header to search for what you’re looking for, or begin again from the home page.”

  2. How PATHETIC that you could not introduce this “me-too” service without disparaging the “corporate” competition, like WhitePages (which is a local Seattle tech startup) or even Groupon which is incredibly popular and well-loved.

    You guys are working against “local interests” much more than Groupon, in my opinion by remaining in the Ballard Chamber of Commerce even as it sues and appeals to stop completing the Burke Gilman trail.

    Sounds pretty “corporate” to me, and doesn’t one of you work for Microsoft? What a joke!

    Nobody should sign up for this.

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