Final chance to comment on new play area for Golden Gardens

The Seattle Parks Department will show off its designs and construction drawings for the new play area at Golden Gardens.  The community is invited to the final design meeting next Wednesday, October 13 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse.  As we’ve reported, the play area will be moved from its current location to east of the bathhouse.

Drawing of new play area. Click here to see more images.

Construction is slated to start in January of 2011 and finish in May 2011. You can keep up to date on this project through this website. This project is funded through the 2008 Parks & Green Spaces Levy.

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10 thoughts to “Final chance to comment on new play area for Golden Gardens”

  1. This looks nice. The old play area was small. I just hope the dogs that are illegally running around off leash don’t poop in the play area.

  2. It looks really nice but I have to echo UncleSnuffy re: dogs at Golden Gardens. Two different times my child (who was 3 and 4 at the time) was charged by a large off leash dog. The dogs off leash is what has kept us away from Golden Gardens Park and we just live up the hill! I’m not a dog hater, I just wish that dog owners would not let there dogs run off leash in parks where small children play. And, isn’t there an off leash park just right up the hill where kids aren’t allowed to play? Am I the only one in Seattle who is fed up with dogs off leash in children’s play areas?

  3. Great. Take a great area that is used for playing frisbee, catch, football, kite flying and turn it into another freaking playground. Aren’t there enough of those cluttering our parks already. How many playgrounds do you people need?

  4. This really irritates me. There are not enough open rec spaces as it is. There are so many regulations at the ball fields. The list of DON”Ts is longer than the things allowed. This is one of the few places you can go for catch, frisbee etc. The many pay the price for an entitled few.

  5. It appears that this play area is east of the bath house, not north of the bath house. The huge grassy area is north of of the bath house. Not as bad as you are fearing.

  6. there’s tons of open spaces; what exactly do you need for your little frisbee game?

    what regulations are you talking about? honestly, why can’t you play catch anywhere? I do it in the street with my kids, and they don’t whine.

  7. Does anyone besides me notice that the Parks Dept seems to be spending a lot on unneccessary projects right now? If we are so hard up financially why would they even do this? They keep remodeling parks and doing more and more? It just doesn’t make any sense.

  8. At a time when Little Howe on QA is having its pool area closed due to budget cuts and the library atop QA having its hours slashed, the powers that be decide to SPEND money rehabing a POS kids playground thats mostly used by disrespectful dog owners and gangbangers?


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