Reminder: Today is election day

Just a reminder that today is election day.

Ballots can be turned in at the dropbox just in front of the library until 8 p.m. today. (The dropbox is no longer at the Neighborhood Service Center like in the past.) Ballots can also be mailed in but must have today’s postmark. The online voters’ pamphlet can be found here.

It’s not the same as going to the polls, but King County Elections has created an “I Voted” sticker for you to print or download for your blog or Facebook. Find it here.

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10 thoughts to “Reminder: Today is election day”

  1. I’ve been afraid to go near that library drop-box for the last two days. The KING5 dimwits have been staking it out looking for voters to assault with stupid questions.

  2. Really, was there a provision in 1098 to lower the tax burden on the poor and middle class? I didn’t see one. Maybe tiny 4% property tax cut but that will vanish faster than you can say ‘Seattle levy’.

    So show me where in 1098 besides the meagre 4% property tax reduction ($160 a year on a $400k home) that taxes were lowered for poor and middle class families BEFORE Olympia extends the income tax to everyone.

    The people have spoken….and yet, tomorrow life will carry on as usual.

  3. Guest, there was no provision to lower taxes on the poor and middle class in 1098, nor was there meant to be. 1098 is meant to help even out the huge disparity in tax percentages between paid by the rich and the middle-class and poor. Bill Gates Sr. & Nick Hanauer both see the value in re-investing in the communities that helped make them so wealthy. Evidently, you do not.

  4. DC – I’m pretty sure you don’t need a law to “re-invest” in your community. It’ll be interesting to see how 1098 fares.

  5. The legislature has ALWAYS had to power to levy an income tax “on everyone.” But they never have.

    And they STILL have the power to levy an income tax “on everyone.” But they never will.

    Initiative 1098 was very specific in its wording: $200,000 threshold. No expansion.

    So any big, scary, utterly hypothetical future income tax “on everyone” would HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO with this initiative.

    Those thousands of anti-1098 ads you saw were lies. Nothing more and nothing less. Fearmongering by the rich and the selfish. And it worked, Guest, because you became their parrot.

  6. “Initiative 1098 was very specific in its wording: $200,000 threshold. No expansion.”

    What? Complete nonsense. After two years it only takes 50% of the legislature to change an initiative. Read the law.

    And where was the cut on sales tax to relieve the tax burden on the poor?

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