Students paint new mural at Ballard High School

While most students probably didn’t even think about school over winter break, a handful of high schoolers was creating art at Ballard High.

The Ballard High School Art Boosters sponsored a competition earlier this year to come up with a mural idea for the Student Activities Center. Victoria Shao’s idea was selected and a group of dedicated students spent their time off painting her design.

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4 thoughts to “Students paint new mural at Ballard High School”

  1. And thank you Matt Kelly, whose idea it was to spruce up the Activity Center and get a mural painted in the first place! Way to go Beavers! Thank you Ballard Sherwin Williams store for donating the paint too!

  2.  That’s so cool! This is just one of the activities that makes the students boost their confidence and show their abilities. I hope the school will conduct more activities that will help the student express their feelings more effectively for an outlet, and to see something that they can all call an ACHIEVEMENT.

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