Blackbird expanding to Portland

In a time when many boutiques are closing, Ballard’s own Blackbird is expanding to Portland. In an email sent out this morning, owner Nicole Miller says the small, 600 square-foot space will be on West Burnside and NW 13th Ave, two blocks from the Ace Hotel. “The building is being renovated currently to create six retail locations very similar to our current Ballard location in architecture and neighborhood appeal,” MIller writes. The new store won’t have Portland brands, instead they will sell their own Blackbird label and “our more seriously design driven brands like Robert Geller and Rick Owens,” Miller says. The new store is slated to open sometime this summer.

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8 thoughts to “Blackbird expanding to Portland”

  1. I’ve always thought of Blackbird as hideously expensive and generally aimed at people who are not me. So imagine my annoyance when I went in there on a lark to look for a coat and ended up finding a reasonably-priced coat and having a great experience with the sales staff. The nerve of them, defying my expectations!

    Not that they didn’t try to sell me the $500 coat, too. They did.

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