City prepares for snow, Metro urges readiness

There’s light snow on the ground, but the big snow event is coming Wednesday. With the forecasts (Weather Service | Cliff Mass | KING 5) calling for 2 to 6 inches in the Seattle area, a winter storm watch will take effect starting at 4 a.m.

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In preparation, the City of Seattle has activated its snow plan. Early in the morning, ten snow plows will hit the north end of the city. At 9 a.m., the Seattle Department of Transportation “will go into a full 24-hour response plan to keep roads open, buses moving and critical emergency services accessible,” Rick Sheridan of SDOT writes. More from the release:

The response plan calls for deploying 30 trucks with plows, which will be prepositioned throughout the city in key locations such as elevated structures and certain trouble spots on major arterials. The department starting pre-treating major roadways with salt brine this afternoon in preparation for the storm. Additional details concerning SDOT’s response will be forthcoming as more information about the impending storm becomes available.

SDOT also reminds property owners that they are responsible for the sidewalks in front of their properties.

Mayor Mike McGinn says this storm could be like that of November 22, 2010. “Because Wednesday afternoon’s commute is expected to be difficult,” McGinn writes in a statement, “It may be a good day to work an alternate shift, telecommute or make other travel arrangements if possible.”

Metro Transit is also urging passengers to be prepared for the snow.

Wednesday’s snowfall may start out light in some areas, but transit users should plan ahead for bus trips that could be disrupted, delayed, and on snow routing. Even though weather in the morning may not be bad in your area, you should leave from a bus stop or park-and-ride that also has service when buses are on snow routes in case travel conditions deteriorate by the afternoon commute.

Click here for more on Metro’s snow plans.

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9 thoughts to “City prepares for snow, Metro urges readiness”

  1. as usual, it’s all hype and no snow around here.

    I’ve never seen a community get it’s panties in a knot over the threat of snow like seattle does.

  2. Seattle is so knee-jerk about snow….its notr that much of a problem if you just freaking mellow out, drive slow and defensively (and keep your lead foot off of the brake!) Jeez, think about the country east of the rockies?

  3. While I agree it is a bit comical when people freak out about the snow the last time we had a large snowfall around here my husband was stuck on the freeway for 12 hours. 12 hours, going from Renton to Ballard. It was awful. I heard about a woman who was 6 months pregnant who was stuck on a bus on the freeway for 11 hours. There is a reason people freak out. I’m glad we have plans in place, hopefully such ridiculousness will not occur again.

  4. Sorry about the 12 hours on the freeway thing, but that actuallu underscores my point that we are so timid about snow and proud of our general lack of it, that when it does happen we all have to collectively learn over as to how to deal. Aint nobody in Kansas City or Boston getting stuck on the freeway in a similar storm…..stay off the roads if you can, drive slow and cautious and government buy plows….we all will survive unless the Tea Party Junta eliminates funding for everything but the big banks.

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