The Sexton to replace Madame K’s

A new restaurant/lounge is getting ready to open on Ballard Avenue.

A liquor license notice for “spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge” has been posted for “The Sexton” (5327 Ballard Ave NW), which is the last name of one of the applicants. The new establishment replaces Madame K’s, which closed last fall. Work appears to be underway, although no one was around when we stopped by. (Thanks Caryn for the tip!)

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17 thoughts to “The Sexton to replace Madame K’s”

  1. And another bar..The Ballard Best BBQ on Leary is turning into an upscale Brazilian Seafood Bar, imported fish, fancy cocktails in 40 days.

  2. Why would you expect them to do anything about that? They’re simply tenants; the building is owned by one Steven Mycon. More importantly, though, the area you’re talking about probably isn’t even part of the same property. Most of the vegetated area on the backside of this building and the buildings adjacent to it is part of the parking lot parcel, which is owned by Olympic Athletic Club. If you want it cleaned up, complain to them.

  3. Thanks to Cameron B from Yelp for the following quoted material…

    “It’s not a well known fact, but the-then City of Ballard had more bars per capita than any other city west of the Mississippi in 1907. ”
    (I knew this already. It’s kinda awesome that someone else knows it too.)

    “I’m glad Ballard is returning to its roots. Now all we need is to bring back the bare knuckle boxing fights and we’re set!”
    (I totally agree. But the crowd has changed a bit, hasn’t it… boxing hipsters? Would they pull each others’ hair?)

  4. Cool! Hope they don’t feel compelled to put their political views on abortion like Madame K’s did on the back of their menu, man that was tasteless.

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