Bop Street Records – one of the best in the country

Ballard is home to one of the country’s best vinyl record shops, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal highlighted five stores across the country including Bop Street Records (2220 N.W. Market St.)
From the WSJ:

The sight of a beloved record shop closing its doors has become a troubling trend in recent years. Fortunately when this long-running Ballard neighborhood favorite did just that last summer it was only to move across town to a smaller space. Still, we don’t envy the moving crew involved in that one—it has some 500,000 records in stock even after streamlining the operation.

You can read about the other four record shops here. (Photo courtesy: Only in Seattle campaign, a MyBallard sponsor.)

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7 thoughts to “Bop Street Records – one of the best in the country”

  1. Beat up records for double their mint book value.

    It was always more of a museum (less so now) than a record store.

    It was the only place in the world that you could still see 78 beat up copies of Wings Over America sitting next to each other.

  2. This is a great place to get ripped off. The WSJ obviously never actually shopped there.

    The employees are apparently under strict instructions from the owner, Dave, to charge three times what a similar record at Jive Time would cost. All their claims about “carefully weeding out all the scratched records” and “putting in special lights so you can see the condition of the records better” is B.S. Those things don’t add value, and certainly don’t justify trying to charge $22 for a Dire Straits record that costs $4 (yes, $4) at Jive Time.

    Unless you want your wallet to be violated, repeatedly and unashamedly, AVOID THIS PLACE.

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