New wine storage facility opens in Ballard

Wine enthusiasts now have a place in Ballard to store their wine. The final business in newly refurbished Kolstrand Building (4743 Ballard Ave NW) is now open.

The Cellar wine storage recently opened in the basement of the building. “The 100% subterranean location creates the ideal natural cellar environment,” according to the website. People can store their wine (starting at 18 cases for $41/month), enjoy their wine in the 600 square foot tasting room and have special events catered by the two Kolstrand restaurants – The Walrus and the Carpenter or Staple & Fancy.

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11 thoughts to “New wine storage facility opens in Ballard”

  1. A new bar comes in a people complain. Yet another useless wine business comes in and people praise it? Did the crazy train come to town and I missed it?

  2. Hooray for more people choosing to spend their money in Ballard. More spending by businesses and more future spending by customers. This is good for our neighborhood.

  3. Looks like an interesting place and probably a nice spot for events. I have to admit I’m baffled at wine storage and never understood my friends who collect wine. I like wine but I buy it with the intent of eventually drinking it so it’s rare that I’ll have more than 10-20 bottles on hand. I know people who have hundreds of bottles of wine and don’t understand how they will ever get around to drinking that much wine (though I’m always willing to try and help them out!)

  4. Anyone who wants to store their wine for FREE is welcome to place it in the tiny (chilled) room underneath my stairs. I promise to recycle the bottles. :o)

  5. I have called the Cellar 2 separate times, left both email and phone messages to request more information about availability of storage or to make an appointment to see the facility….but, no one ever returned my calls or emailed a response. Not even a ‘sorry we no longer have availability’ – message. Not sure if this is an exclusive club by invitation only or what, but they could at least return a phone call….

  6. Anne, check out Eastside Wine Storage off 520 in Bellevue or Seattle Wine Storage who are in the process of moving to 94th and Aurora N. area. They are to two premier wine storage facilities in the area.

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