Councilmember Phillips presents ‘big check’ to senior center

The Ballard NW Senior Center received a “big check” today from King County.

Councilmember Larry Phillips presented $15,000 for the center’s 2011 operations. “Despite the tight budget, it was important to me to secure funding for Ballard Northwest Senior Center because the center relies on county funding to keep their doors open for low income seniors to have access to meals, programs, and social activities,” said Larry Phillips. “The senior center is a great resource to the community, and I enjoy getting out there for lunch at least once a year to keep in touch with Ballard area seniors.” (Disclosure: Councilmember Phillips is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

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11 thoughts to “Councilmember Phillips presents ‘big check’ to senior center”

  1. “…despite the tight budget, it was important to me to spend an extra $80 to have this giant check printed out and professionally mounted to foam core.”

  2. Okay, it’s a photo op. But seriously, it’s good thing.

    And if you can, donate or volunteer for meals on wheels.

    It really is vital, and appreciated.

  3. Larry had the big check done years ago and laminated so he can use and re-use it for the many good projects and programs he has supported over the years. Kudos to him for coming through once again.

  4. Everything cost money. The gas everyone spent to get their, the lights to light the room. Even the paper to distribute the handouts. And yes the check.

  5. So true — what has the man ever really done — save for work on his tan – sponge off taxpayers and live off his mom’s inheritance….

    Now I hear he is wanting to run for Mayor — guess getting spanked for the county executive wasn’t enough.

  6. Mr Phillips presented the check as if it was his money he was giving. He even signed the check. The least he could do is thank the people who actually paid for it.

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