Beautiful day at the Ballard Farmers Market

Sunny weather and reasonably warm temperatures (for this time of year) brought lots of Seattleites down the Ballard Farmers Market.

After a cold winter so far, call it the first premature hint of spring.

Rain is back in the forecast for Tuesday.

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18 thoughts to “Beautiful day at the Ballard Farmers Market”

  1. To the woman who tried to give my kid her pro-vegan, anti-meat sticker to my kid, without my permission……go f-yourself. I was too polite to say it in public.

  2. Why don’t people inclined toward activism focus their energy on an issue that actually matters? If people are Vegan for health reasons, that’s fine. But when they make it political, I have a problem. It’s an over reaction to factory farming and the solution to that problem is organic farming, not throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    So, instead of being a Vegan activist, read a Howard Zinn book. You’ll come away with hundreds of other causes that actually need activist energy. Meanwhile, you can eat — or not eat — whatever the hell you want.

  3. actually, you, Kim and Dave are all wrong.

    a vegan life-style can actually help everyone. maybe if you looked at your carbon footprint you’d realize what an energy hog you are.

    hopefully your kid won’t be as ignorant. hopefully he watched you seething at the activist which was probably ample.

  4. Didn’t seeth, just said no. What she’ll learn is to ignore extremists, radicals and fundementalists who want to ram their beliefs down your throat. Whether vegans or Jerry Falwell types. She’ll also learn it’s inappropriate for people to do that to 6 yr olds without their parent’s permission.

    But keep thinking you’re a superior person because you don’t eat meat and have a teeny weeny ….. Carbon foot print. Yawn.

  5. BTW humans are omnivores. We eat meat out of evolutionary necessity. It’s why vegans have to take supplements to stay alive.

    Are you an anti-science fundementalist? I hope your kid won’t be as ignorant as you.

  6. Sounds like you’ve bought the Vegan self-congratulatory hype hook, line, and sinker. Environmentalism is used by the left the way religion is used by the right to turn people against each other, to turn us into tattle tales and judgmental elitists. Unlike religion, which is used to demonize certain groups of people, legitimate environmental issues are used to demonize ALL people, which makes it even more dangerous.

    I love how vegetarians and vegans never focus on ways to make farming and meat consumption more environmentally friendly, ways to balance legitimate environmental concerns with the rights of people. They go straight to judging people for their choices, as if someone living a different kind of life than you do invalidates your own choices. Environmentalism is used as a smoke screen for your own insecurity and tendency toward authoritarian politics.

    Mark my words kids, guys like martetrox don’t even realize they’re being used to create an atmosphere in which taking our money and our rights in the name of the environment becomes politically acceptable. Some people need the threat of terrorism to agree to give up their rights. Some people need the threat of environmental damage. Both are real, both are also exploited to grab money and power.

    I’d suggest you go back to the book you read about the Vegan lifestyle’s positive impact on the environment and learn more about the people who wrote it. 99% of the people on this planet have no idea why they really believe what they believe. They absorb ideas from their friends and find rationalizations later.

    ..and that’s your troll feeding for the day.

  7. they do? what supplements?

    I’m waaaaaay healthier than you will ever be on a vegan diet without supplements. ever hear of lentils? nuts?

    anti science fundamentalist? you sound like the whacko actually.

  8. So you’re denying homo sapiens are omnivores and that this is an evolutionary fact and necessity for the evolution of our species?

    Hmmmmmm, bacon…..

  9. Dave,
    I second that FU to the woman who gave your kid info without your permission. That is just wrong. I am a Vegan – going on 20 years now. It has been the best decision for ME, but what has annoyed me throughout my whole “Veganism” is those who insisted to shove their personal beliefs down everyone else’s throat. — It’s on the same lines as extreme religious people or extreme political folks —
    People like what they like and some people can think for themselves and make their own decisions. But when it comes to “influencing” children without permission of the guardian, that is just not cool.

    My kids are vegetarians, but I steer them clear from Vegan or Vegetarian activist just because they need to make their own choices in life…same with religion…

    And to the “Meat is Murder” moron…your comment is totally ignorant. Why would one want to eat their own kid instead of a pig? Kids are flesh, too. I’d prefer to eat 100 pigs than one child any day!

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