Molly Moon’s Ice Cream not coming to Ballard

You’ll have to drive to Queen Anne this summer if you’d like to eat at Molly Moon’s newest ice cream shop. Molly Moon Neitzel announced on Monday that Queen Anne will have the third shop and Madrona will get a “micro-shop.”

Back in December Molly Moon’s launched a competition between three neighborhoods – Queen Anne, Ballard and Madrona – to determine which ‘hood to open its third shop in. The local ice cream chain, which already has popular locations in Wallingford and Capitol Hill, named Queen Anne as the winner of the competition.

Molly Moon’s has not yet finalized the location for the Queen Anne store, but they plan to open the shop in July, just in time for the summer heat. To celebrate Molly Moon’s will be giving out free ice cream scoops to kids out of its truck, which will be parked at 2231 Queen Anne Ave. N., on Sunday, March 20, from noon to 2 p.m. Here is the full press release:

Molly Moon Neitzel today announced that she is expanding her ice cream family this summer with a new scoop shop in Queen Anne and new “micro” concept shop in Madrona.

Neighborhoods for the new locations were selected by Molly Moon’s enthusiasts during the three-month long “Shop 3, where will it be?” campaign that encouraged Seattle’s ice cream lovers to, despite the frosty weather, visit Moon’s ice cream truck while it set-up shop in their respective ‘hoods.

“I’m so excited to be welcoming two new neighborhoods in to our Molly Moon’s family” said Neitzel. “I love that Molly Moon’s is a place where families and friends can create memories and I can’t wait for Queen Anne and Madrona residents to have the opportunity make the new shops a part of their communities.”

Queen Anne, Seattle’s most-devoted ice cream eating neighborhood this winter, will be receiving its well-deserved scoop shop in July of 2011. Stay tuned, as the location is still being solidified and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Madrona, the runner-up in the “Shop 3” campaign, will be awarded a Molly Moon’s micro-shop in May of 2011. This petite version of a Molly Moon’s scoop shop will serve pre-packaged pints and scoops of Moon’s delicious ice cream, sorbet-sicles, and ice cream sandwiches.

In celebration of this exciting news, the Molly Moon’s ice cream truck will give away kids scoops this Saturday, March 19, from Noon to 2 p.m. while parked at Buggy in Madrona. The kids in Queen Anne will receive free scoops on Sunday, March 20, from Noon to 2 p.m. while the truck is parked at 2231 Queen Anne Ave. N.

For additional information about Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, please log on to

Don’t feel like Ballard is getting left out, as we reported last month, Full Tilt Ice Cream is opening on Leary Ave NW and the Parfait Ice Cream truck will undoubtedly have hours in Ballard this summer.

11 thoughts to “Molly Moon’s Ice Cream not coming to Ballard”

  1. No offense, but Molly’s is a bit overrated. Good ice cream, but having full tilt in the neighborhood will be fantastic, and a bit more interesting, IMO.

  2. No offense, but Molly’s is a bit overrated. Good ice cream, but having full tilt in the neighborhood will be fantastic, and a bit more interesting, IMO.

  3. I can’t feel too bad about this. Molly Moon’s puts lots of stuff into their ice cream and they don’t make it on site.

    Meanwhile, D’Ambrosio Gelato makes the most amazing gelato I’ve had in this country. And they make it on site with quality ingredients.

  4. Ya know, I thought this would happen. Most days they parked the truck down by the Shelter on Leary — four blocks out of the way. I assume they just couldn’t find a place to park a vendor truck any closer to downtown Ballard, but it sucks if they based their decision on the business they got at a crappy location. But, I’m looking forward to Full Tilt. The Leary near Market location means I’ll be okay with giving the kids some cash to bike down and get a sugar rush.

  5. Too bad. If they had been able to put the truck in a good location like Ballard Ave or perhaps near the high school and Top Banana they would have seen better sales. That location near the Shelter was really bad for foot traffic.

  6. Thank god – anything to remove the stench of “cool” that has been applied to Ballard, which has ruined so many things.

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