Scenes from ‘Norwegian Heritage Day’

The Leif Erikson Lodge here in Ballard hosted its annual Norwegian Heritage Day event on Saturday, complete with traditional food, dance, music and costumes. Earlier in the day, runners and walkers alike participated in the “Leif to Leif” race, from Ballard to Shilshole Marina and back.

Jody Grage, known as “the bunad lady,” led the parade of Norwegian costumes at the Lodge. She offered a historical perspective for each bunad on stage.

This little girl kept the audience entertained.

One of the big attractions is the authentic Scandinavian food, including krumkake (seen here), lefse, lapskaus and pickled herring.

There was as a raffle for prizes like (what else) 15 pounds of cod and gourmet Norseland lefse. Here, one lucky lady won the $100 grand prize.

The event also featured arts, crafts and other goodies, like this table from Scandinavian Specialties, the shop on 15th Ave.

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