Three projects recommended for city funding

The Ballard District Council (BDC) has agreed on three projects to move forward for city review for funding through the Neighborhood Projects Fund (NPF).

A four-member sub-committee recommended three projects but after some discussion at last night’s meeting, one of the projects was replaced by another. More than a dozen proposals were submitted (a complete list and write-up of the recommended proposals can be found here) and these are the three proposals voted on by the BDC:

  • Radar speed display signs on 8th NW from 85th to NW 100th
  • Speed control on residential streets: 13th Ave NW between 95th and 100th and 14th Ave NW between NW 95th and 100th St. (these were originally two different proposals, but have been grouped together based on their proximity)
  • Textured crosswalks – NW 85th St. from I-5 to 15th Ave NW
  • The neighborhood small-scale improvements are funded through the approximately $1.25 million available through the NPF. Each neighborhood district is allotted about $90,000 of the total amount.

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    2 thoughts to “Three projects recommended for city funding”

    1. These are “priorities”? We are a mess if this is all our “leaders” can come up with. What about fixing the current mess called public roads? What about bringing many intersections into this century and update ’em with new signals and turn lanes/arrows? But no, we get more freaking bike lanes, red light cams, and speed signs. How does this move the masses along? How does this make things flow? Just take a look at 80th + 8th NW. Why is this intersection still w/o dedicated turn arrows for turners going N+S? Why? Do we really need to have more crashes and injuries first? WTF? This is what happens when there are too many chiefs.

    2. While those ideas sound swell, how about doing some other things first.

      1. Put up NO PARKING signs on both sides of 85th NW from 8th NW to 15th NW. This a heavily traveled street and yet we still allow parking on it.
      2. The Norwegian is right about one thing. We need left turn lights at 80th and 8th NW. I’ve witnessed a crash or 2 there myself.
      3. Fix the mess where 80th goes over the freeway. That’s an accident just waiting to happen.

      While neighborhood speed bumps and lit up signs telling you how fast you’re going might help traffic on that street, can we please fix the streets we all use first? If I drive through one more giant pot hole I’m going to scream!

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