Meet Ballard’s new Police Team Officer

Scott McGlashan has been with the Seattle Police Department for 21 years, and now he’s Ballard’s new Community Police Team Officer.

McGlashan said during Wednesday’s Ballard District Council meeting that he’s already been pretty busy in his first two months in Ballard. “A typical day is giving a presentation to Daisy Scouts at a local elementary school and an hour later going into a drug house and dealing with dopers about their issues.” McGlashan says he focuses on chronic problems, including parking complaints and issues surrounding the homeless population. On homelessness, McGlashan says, “I have to be very gentle with how I deal with that. That will be a big project for the summer.”

McGlashan is in his office half the day, answering phone calls and questions and “trying to take care of any nuisance issue that comes my way. So far, it’s been wonderful.”

Contributor Meghan Walker is an intern through the University of Washington School of Communications

8 thoughts to “Meet Ballard’s new Police Team Officer”

  1. Simply enforce public intoxication laws, open container laws, public urination laws and hopefully by summer time the hobos will have migrated to more ‘friendly’ hunting grounds.

  2. I’d like to see more emphasis on some of the crimes that impact the most of us like car prowls, burglary, and graffiti, that seem to still be considered minor crimes by SPD. A little effort in this area would go a long way to making a big impact on a lot of people.

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