Empty Bowl fundraiser deemed a success

Organizers of the Third Annual Seattle Empty Bowls dinner are calling the event a success. “With a starting tally of 851 handmade bowls, the artists responsible were able to raise enough money to help buy Twelve tons of food for the Ballard Food Bank!” organizers emailed us. Andrea Hays, the project coordinator was concerned about attendance because the date kept changing and the location was different than the previous two years. “Thankfully the fine people of Ballard and the surrounding neighborhoods didn’t let us, or the food bank, down,” Hays exclaimed. “The people at the Nordic Heritage Museum were very supportive, even amidst all the chaos of setting up! Plus, it is a beautiful space and the extra room and stage allowed us to have The Cascade Jugglers and The Market Street Singers as part of the entertainment.”

Organizers are already planning for the Fourth Annual Seattle Empty Bowls fundraiser. They hope to hold the event in March 2012. To keep up with news of painting parties, “like” them on Facebook.

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