Knotty Bodies Espresso leaving Ballard

Ballard’s bikini espresso stand in the parking lot of the 76 gas station at NW 58th St and 15th Ave NW is hitting the road, literally.

After being open since June of 2009, Knotty Bodies Espresso is leaving Ballard. According to a barista we spoke with, the structure that was just built will be loaded onto a truck this Friday and taken to a new location in Federal Way. (Thanks Sam for the tip!)

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23 thoughts to “Knotty Bodies Espresso leaving Ballard”

  1. KOMO 1000 News mentioned this on air about three weeks ago. The owner of the gas station declined to renew the stands’ lease. All the traffic for coffee got in the way of customers getting gas. The stand was too successful for the small lot it was on. On many occasions I’ve seen cars waiting in line three or four deep. The coffee and staff have not been up to par since it was rebuilt, however. Hopefully, the next bikini barista stand will open in Ballard with better access and not block other businesses.

  2. Actually, I caught a glimpse of some of the women in this booth and they were not exactly lookers themselves, unless you call tramp stamp tattoos and muffin tops attractive.

  3. UUh Mike. If you had any smarts you would know that it is not about being attractive its about having class and not demeaning yourself to sell coffee. If any comment should be made it should be “let all the perverted, insecure disgusting men out there revolt!”

  4. At least your honest and have a sense of humor… :D – Life is short… If the bikini stands and offering employment, paying their taxes (which the city collects and don’t seem to have a problem with) and making a living… What seems to be the problem? And why you all ppl whine so much, when a new coffee shop with bikini baristas open? There is more lingerie and pasties shown in your Victoria Secret Ad in your Sunday Newspaper? Is this the 1800’s or the 20th. Century? :/ The question is… What are you guys doing for the community, other than sitting in front of a PC and whine and complain about everything… Get a life!

  5. Lhoward3,
    If you had any smarts, you would know how to use the “reply” button, to spell or to use grammar correctly.
    Great logic…nothing says “insecure” like looking at women in bikinis!

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