Be part of Seattle Works Day

Saturday, May 21st is Seattle Works Day, a day of service where approximately 1500 volunteers are dispatched throughout the city from noon to 3:30 p.m. – that’s 5,000 hours of service in a single day, organized by the nonprofit Seattle Works.

One of the 32 projects will be here in Ballard at Salmon Bay School. “Volunteers will be helping to paint game lines on the playground to make it more accessible to children with autism as well as doing some landscaping up-keep around the school grounds,” Kathleen Weber the Americorps*Direct Volunteer Connections Coordinator tells us.

Volunteers are still needed for service projects throughout the city. “We assign volunteers to project sites based on the need of that site,” Weber says. “Having too many volunteers means not enough work and then people don’t feel valued, which is the worst in volunteering!”

The deadline to sign up as an individual volunteer or as a team is this coming Monday. For more information click here or contact Kathleen Weber (206-324-0808 or

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