Two large projects recommended for city funding

A sub-committee of the Ballard District Council is recommending two projects to the citywide review team for the 2011 Large Projects Fund.

The first is the replacement of the roof on the Crown Hill Center, which was purchased by Small Faces Child Development Center in 2009. The second project is the Salmon Bay School playground project which recently completed its design phase. “The project was very well documented, they provided considerable opportunities for community involvement,” Ballard District Councilmember Joe Wert said, “and the budgets on both of these, realistic. So, congratulations!”

The grants are awarded annually and this round of funding will come from 2011 city money, District Council coordinator Rob Mattson says. The mayor and city council will act on these recommendations later this summer and he says both projects will likely get grants. “I can’t remember a single occasion when recommendations from the community review process have been overturned by the ‘gods’,” Mattson said.

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