Drive-by shooting damages apartment building

Many people emailed us about shots fired on Crown Hill last night. Here is the information from the SPD Blotter:

On 5-18-11, at approximately 9:47 p.m., officers responded to the 8300 block of 17 AV NW, to a drive-by shooting, where at least seven rounds were fired into an apartment/duplex in the area. The victim was sitting in his living room watching television and could be seen from the outside through a large window.

The suspects opened fire from a vehicle on the road in front of the residence. Multiple rounds hit the house but the victim was not injured. After talking to the victim, officers soon developed information about two possible suspects and a suspect vehicle. The scene was processed by a patrol evidence specialist.

There had been a previous shots fired call near this location on 5-16, unknown if the incidents are related. There were no victims or property damage in the 5-16 incident. The suspects are at large.

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18 thoughts to “Drive-by shooting damages apartment building”

  1. Thanks for the info.  This is the 2nd night in a row that shots were fired in the area.  Crown Hill feels less safe every day. 

  2.  Crown Hill is Thug Hill these days…

    It has to do with really two gangs/groups of people feuding with each other. The Spook Street Soldiers and the Deuce Deuce Dukes. They are busy fortifying their positions now.

  3. I heard the shots from my living room several blocks away and was scared. I don’t want this to be a common occurrence in Crown Hill/Loyal Heights.
    I wish the city would clean up the whole 15th ave area between 65th-90th. Multiple strip clubs, a porn store, a junky frequented plasma donation center,  a weed dispensary, a liquor store, and other seedy operations make it feel unkempt. Where is the zoning? Where are the cops?

  4. Hmmm… that is awfully close to home…  and I really hope they catch those idiots and suss out what the root cause of this problem is — if its reoccuring amoung the same few people or escalating.  

    But honestly folks… every crime is not a sign that the neighborhood is on fire and that we’re about to be overrun by gangs.  This area still enjoys shockingly low violent crime considering the density.  Check out the SPD’s crime stats by neighborhood… this area stacks favorably vs. ANY urban neighborhood in the US.

  5.  were not talking about some damn highschool kids!! Were talking about people moving in who dont know the history of ballard. “Thug Hill” dont make me laugh. I know you must bump Eazy-E (RIP), and N.W.A. in your ride all day, but COME ON REALLY? Put down your over priced Starbucks and i Pad and read a book or something.

  6. These are all legal businesses. As far as I know, these businesses, nor their employees, are the ones shooting up apartment buildings. Unless these businesses are in violation of some law, the city should leave them alone. “Harrassing people yuppies don’t like” isn’t a legitimate function of government.

  7. Yeah, they are legal…..really great point David. I mean just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s, you know, good for the area?? 

    I mean, it would be perfectly “legal” for a 56 story high rise to come in  with a Wal-Mart on the ground level but somehow I don’t think that would fly. It would certainly be a plus for the environment and density but the narrow minded “progressives” around here would have none of it.

    As for “harassing people yuppies don’t like”? Wow. Yuppie??? Does this word have any meaning anymore?? Someone like me who doesn’t work with their hands but maybe does something like grant writing at a big office downtown?? Yeah, we just eat caviar and golf all day…

    Government is designed to serve the will of the people. 15th between 70 – 90 or so is a disaster. We should absolutely pressure our elected officials to re zone and challenge those who are more enterprising, creative and motivated  to do something better…. 

  8. Just conceal carry. It becomes very easy to change the face of intruders and gangsta or wanna be’s with a quick draw. A “yuppie” with a weapon is talked to a little more respectfully than those without. As is a housewife, gardner, CPA, grant writer, mechanic…….

    In regards to the shooting, likely all involved know each other.

    Agree with the other comments on cleaning up 15th. Funny, candy stores and upscale coffee shops don’t tend to attract the same kind of clientele that legitimate yet seedy businesses do. Legitimate has nothing to do with appropriate.

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