Work starts on new playground at Golden Gardens

Work is underway on the new playground at Golden Gardens Park.

The project broke ground on Monday and now workers are hauling away this big pile of dirt. According to Virginia Hassinger, the project manager with the city, hauling will be done in the mornings because the park fills up in the afternoon. “We’re trying to keep things tight and clean,” she tells us.

A look at what the play equipment will look like
We “should have substantial completion by mid-July,” Hassinger says, which means the fence will come down and minor work will be done.

Another angle of the play equipment.
The existing play equipment will stay in place until the new equipment is ready to play on. Once the new space is open, the old equipment will be torn down.

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9 thoughts to “Work starts on new playground at Golden Gardens”

  1. I like the nautical theme.  Just in time for today’s new pirate movie.  On the other hand, being this is Ballard, a crab boat theme would have been good too, with a couple of ‘kidpots’ laying around.   

  2. Why?  Why on Earth would you tear the old equipment down?  There is nothing unsafe about it.  Kids need to find things to do that don’t require a play palace and a bunch of plastic garbage.  Kick a ball, throw a frisbee run and be a kid.  Don’t turn Ballard into a McDonalds playland.  Golden Gardens needs as much grass as it can get.  Not more sanddirt and plastic playtoys.  Remove the Bubblewrap off of your kids, let them get dirty and skin their knees every once in a while.  Jeez…

  3.  “Remove the Bubblewrap off of your kids, let them get dirty and skin their knees every once in a while”

    This is how the Nanny State works, though. They protect us from ourselves while simultaneously getting jobs for all the designers, maintenance crews and lawyers needed to defend the city when Little Dumb Johnny falls off some equipment.

    Gotta spent our tax money somehow ……

  4. Curious that the planning people decided to start this project in mid-May. I guess it’s harder to do construction work from Mar-to-Apr than I realized.

  5. THis has nothing to do with bubblewrapping our kids. All city play structures have to be ADA accessible.  The old stuff, while still perfectly fine for most kids, did not meet ADA requirements.  I think the new structure is a nice feature to add to a park that is very popular with families all summer (indeed, all year) long!

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