Free deck inspections for Seattleites

Ballardites have the chance to have their deck inspected for free. The American Society of Home Inspectors is offering inspections to homeowners in Seattle to evaluate the structural safety of their deck.

From the press release:

Homeowners should check their deck each spring/early summer for key warning signs that indicate a needed repair or, in some cases, complete replacement. Warning signs include loose connections (for example, a wobbly railing), missing connections (for example, the deck is just nailed to the side of the house), corrosion, rot and large cracks. The two critical areas in a deck collapse are the deck’s connection to the house and the railings.

Deck Inspection Week is June 21 to June 28th but you need to sign up now. They are offering a limited number of inspections. In order to participate, homeowners must sign an inspector agreement and meet ASHI’s deck requirements.

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