Two Ballard passings

Two Ballardites who touched many people during their lives have passed away – one educated kids for 50 Webster School, the other an owner of a popular watering hole.

Bertha Davis at her 97th birthday party

Bertha Davis, who recently celebrated her 97th birthday, was the one with the vision to “bring the ring” back to Ballard. “She said we would be great friends; in truth Mrs. Davis, Bertha, was the great friend to every student, parent, neighbor and relative. She inspired everyone; irrepressible until almost her last breath,” Peggy Sturdivant writes on the PI blog.

Charlie Files, the owner of the Sloop Tavern, passed away on Friday while vacationing on Maui, according to the Three Sheets Northwest boating news site. No word on what happened. “From everything we know he was feeling fine and just vacationing,”Lisa Doherty, a member of the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club tells Three Sheets. You can read more here. (Thank you everyone for the emails!)

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