Ballard Food Bank receives 600 lbs of food from weight loss clinic

The Ballard Food Bank has received 600 pounds of donated food from the Queen Anne Medical Weight Loss Clinic. The clinic donated the food in celebration of 600 pounds lost by 17 of the clinic’s clients in a seven month period.

From the clinic’s press release:

“The food drive was a win-win project,” said Program Director Brian Grev. “We got the idea from one of our patients who collected 100 pounds of food from friends and neighbors to celebrate her considerable success – now over 100 pounds lost.”

Nancy McKinney, Executive Director of the Ballard Food Bank, commented that the donation comes at a time when most food banks are strapped for resources. Food banks typically receive larger donations during the holiday season. “But food is always needed by people in our neighborhood. And it’s been a particularly difficult year,” said Nancy.

Dr. Linda Gromko is the medical director of the clinic, and said the weight loss program was created last summer in order to “offer something more concrete to help patients.” The clinic has scheduled a kayak event and an arboretum walk in the near future.

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