‘Stock the Pantry’ at Bartell Drugs

Summertime means that kids who depend on free school meals might not have access to food. Bartell Drugs is turning to the community to help “Stock the Pantry” to feed kids. The third annual food drive starts Monday at all Bartell Drugs locations, including the one at 5605 22nd Ave NW.

The two-week drive “focuses on replenishing food bank, meal program and school food stocks in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties during summer months–when families that
normally depend on free or reduced-price school meals may struggle to provide healthy meals at home,” the press release states.

Food donations benefit Northwest Harvest. “In 2010, over 450,000 children (almost half of all students) across the state were eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch during the school year,” said Shelley Rotondo, executive director of Northwest Harvest. “Of those children, only nine-percent participated in a summer meal program last year due in
part to transportation issues, the availability of feeding sites, and other factors. This really highlights the need for a summer food drive that benefits children.”

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2 thoughts to “‘Stock the Pantry’ at Bartell Drugs”

  1. Yes folks, welcome to 3rd world, soup kitchen America. This is success to democrats; more people needing help, and in their hammocks. How, in  such a rich successfull area can we be so hungry, broke and homeless? I get so sick and tired of being bombarded every day with these and more stories about starving etc. Same with a levy for “affordable housing”. What happened to moving if you couldn’t afford to live in an area? If these are the good times, I do NOT want to be around for “bad times”. Welcome to Obama’s USA. Keep pulling that “D” lever, things will get worse, and then we’ll need more democrats to dole out the goodies. Just keep handing out $$ to these “greeters” at corners too. We wouldn’t want THEM to go away either. WTF happened to “teach a man to fish and eat for a lifetime”???

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