Stand-up paddleboard yoga

A few days ago, a reader sent us some photos of people doing yoga on stand-up paddleboards. As it turns out, it’s part of a new class offered by WASUP Yoga.

WASUP Yoga is part of the Washington Surf Academy and Surf Ballard.  According to Andrew Drake from the Washington Surf Academy, “People are always looking for new and exciting ways to work out and yoga on paddleboards is a great way to achieve this.

Instead of taking a yoga class inside you get to enjoy your yoga practice in nature,” Drake wrote in an email.  “What other yoga class has harbor seals poking their heads up to watch you take a downward dog?  It also adds another dimension to the workout by needing to balance a bit more,” he added.

Photos by Andrew Drake

Co-owner Hasna Atry is an instructor for the floating yoga classes. In an email, she wrote, “When concentrating on staying afloat, incorporating breath and proper postural alignment, and maintaining connection with the nature that surrounds you, it’s virtually impossible to think about the future, past or any anxieties that may have occupied your thoughts before the practice.”

18 thoughts to “Stand-up paddleboard yoga”

  1. Looks like there was a difference of opinion about appropriate attire, in the picture up there.  A couple people went for the “I’d better wear a wetsuit just in case I — OH GOD HEATSTROKE” option.

  2. That’s absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve seen in at least three years. And I say that as being someone who moved here from Eugene.

  3. If you want all this attention, why not simply streak at an M’s game? Maybe they’re all on that new drug called Charlie Sheen? Somebody moved HERE from Eugene? Welcome to Bizerkley North;  The peoples republic of Ballard.

  4. I am genuinely curious how they’re not falling in.

    And I say that as a yoga practitioner with above-average balance.

  5. You may be thinking of those boards as surfboards.  If you tried what they’re doing on, say, a 9′ longboard, you’d be in the drink immediately. 

    SUP boards are trivially easy to stand up on.  They’re sort of ludicrously stable. You can get a good workout paddling one of those things around, but there’s no need for actual /skill/ unless you take one into the waves.

  6. People on message boards are so heartless! From the comfort of one’s own home you can stomp on somebody’s idea? Ai!! I’m not much of a yoga woman but I think this would be fun if it was sunny out. 

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