Writers in the Schools’ year-end readings

Tonight and tomorrow night (June 1 and 2) will be the year-end readings from Seattle Arts and Lectures Writers in the Schools’, a group that fosters writing in Seattle’s schools.  The readings will be at the downtown public library at 6pm.

From last year’s event, Garfield High School student Issac Pearson. Photo by Libby Lewis

Tonight, Cleopatra Danger Lyon and Alec Young, 4th and 5th graders from Whittier Elementary, will be reading. Tomorrow, Imani Bender and Lorenzo Rossi, 9th graders from Ballard High School, will be reading.

Here is a poem by Cleopatra Danger Lyon:

“Cherry Blossom Thread”
I will put in the box
the highest leaf of a tree.
I will put a wisp of cloud in my box, and the skies
to go with it.
I will have the sense of pride
in my box, along with the thing
that makes it proud.
I will put in my box a golden memory.
In my box I will put a sweet tooth
and sweet fruit.
My box holds a thousand sour secrets,
dusty and rusty
from a thousand years.
In my box I will put a feast,
small enough for ants to eat.
In my box goes a silk spinning wheel,
spinning miles and miles
of cherry blossom thread.

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