Osprey are back nesting atop the railway bridge

For the last couple of years, a pair of Osprey have been nesting on the railway bridge just west of the Ballard Locks. According to neighbor Shannon, the nest was taken down last year because there were plans to remove the south tower where the nest was. The plans didn’t move forward and after a nice winter away, the Osprey are back.

According to Shannon, the first Osprey returned on April 12th and started rebuilding, the second arrived a couple of days later. “They have in the nest for a month now and may have chicks, but I cant see,” she says. (Thank you Carey Aron for sending the photo taken by Marilyn!)

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6 thoughts to “Osprey are back nesting atop the railway bridge”

  1. The cut all those electrical lines last year! They must be running the some other way?
    If you look at the picture, you can see all the lines are hanging down. They are just tied off at the bottom, but you can’t see that in the picture.

  2. How, in the name of Algore, could these idiots nest in the city? Don’t they know how dangerous it is? The air is dirty. The water is polluted. Mankind is destroying what’s left of habitat(s).  And on and on. Then along comes these guys. The nerve of them.  On top of it, the south tower. OMG what has it come to? I hear they like to eat small cats and dogs too is fishies aren’t plentiful.

  3. I Love the comments posted especially go “Sea Hawks”…well let’s
    see here..yes they are very clever birds, returning to familiar perch even
    though their nest was removed, dedicated to nesting and completing the circle
    of life…they painstakingly rebuilt their nest one stick a time and situating themselves
    high above one of the best places ever for their food supply (Salmon run at
    Ballard Locks) Osprey pair off and both dedicated to raising their young… the
    male is currently participating in bringing the female food and standing guard protecting
    the nest.  She is sitting real tight
    therefore I believe she has eggs and hopefully we should see some chicks hatch
    anytime now… …Shannon (Neighbor)

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