Small and Simple Projects Fund to focus on emergency preparedness

The next round of the Small and Simple Projects Fund/Neighborhood Matching Fund this fall is going to have a single focus–on emergency preparedness. The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods announced Friday that it will be partnering with the Office of Emergency Management to offer this community funding focus, which will invest city resources “to help community members connect, organize and plan for emergency situations with their neighbors.” The city sites recent national and international disasters as vivid reminders of why Seattle’s communities need to be better prepared for the possibility of an emergency here.

No applications outside of the new emergency preparedness focus will be accepted for the last cycle of the 2011 Small and Simple Projects Fund. The exception is for existing capital projects funded by the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) that are ready for their next phase of implementation; these projects will be invited to apply by their NMF project manager.

Once the new focus is finalized later this fall, information on project types, funding amounts, and the application process will be available right here

The deadlines for the 2012 cycles of the Small and Simple Projects Fund will be announced in November.

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