Arctic drilling rig Kulluk making its way into Puget Sound

Rachel Shrewsbury of Western Towboat Company sent us some more photos of the Kulluk. Shrewsbury tells us that Western is the tow company.

“We brought the Kulluk from Dutch Harbor to Seattle for upgrades and maintenance,” she tells us. They left Dutch Harbor on July 1st.

“Today’s entry into Seattle will be a long process. It will probably be most of the afternoon. Another tugboat company has to move the SBX so we can put the Kulluk behind it,” Shrewsbury says.

Earlier:Jen sent us this photo of the Kulluk, an arctic offshore drilling rig, that is making its way into Puget Sound.

The West Seattle Blog is reporting that the Kulluk will be getting some technical upgrades at the Vigor Shipyard. The Kulluk will take the place of the SBX (the Missile Defense X-band Radar vessel that came by here in May), which will be moving to a temporary location.

To read more about the Kulluk, check out the West Seattle Blog write-up.

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