German Shepherd running around Loyal Heights

Updated: Paul writes in comments: FYI – this is our dog, and she came back home safely yesterday afternoon. We live on 29th, so she wasn’t far from home at this point. Sweet, gentle dog, but a complicated past. Something must have spooked her. She dug her way under our fence emerging in our neighbors yard, and was gone. We are relieved that she made it through her ‘adventure’ safely.

At any rate, THANK YOU very much for your concern and help!
Dean emailed us that this German Shepherd has been seen near his house just south of 85th on NW 30th.

He says the dog is tagged, but the dog is too scared to let anyone near it. He says they fed it a couple of biscuits around 3:30 p.m. and it hung around for a little bit before taking off.

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