Couple eating their way through Ballard

For more than seven months, Ballardites Jefferson and Heather have been eating their way across the neighborhood with the goal of eating at every bar and restaurant in Ballard by the end of the year.

Bastille is one of Heather and Jefferson’s favorites so far

“Ballard is full of restaurants. Everything from Mexican to German to great pizza to Thai to generic bar food. At last count, in a two-mile or so square, 75+ restaurants and bars and we go to the same 6 places. All the time,” Heather writes on the Ballard Restaurant Project blog. “While having dinner at the People’s Pub for the umpteenth time, I came up with the idea for a year-long project. We would go to every restaurant and bar in Ballard. All 75+ of them. From Volterra to Zesto’s.”

Here are their rules:

  • The boundries are: North of the Ship Canal, West of 8th Ave, South of 65th Street and East of 32nd Ave. Except for a couple of places, every restaurant/bar is within walking distance of our apartment.
  • No fast food chains, grocery store food bars or coffee houses.
  • If it’s a place we visit regularly, we have to try something new.
  • Any new places will be added to the list up to the end of 2011.
  • If someplace is scheduled to close, we make our best attempt to eat there before it closes.
  • Our reviews will be based on three categories: ambiance, service and food.

  • One of Heather and Jefferson’s favorites is The Peoples Pub

    The couple just hit the halfway point and Heather tells us that they love some new joints and some old ones – The Walrus & the Carpenter, Bastille, Bad Albert’s before it closed and the People’s Pub are a few of their favorites. “Granted, neither my husband nor I are professional food critics. We’re just a couple of people who like good food and our neighborhood,” Heather writes.

    You can read their reviews here and follow their epicurean adventures on Facebook.

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