Ballard non-profit receives $24,000 one nickel at a time

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, a Ballard-based non-profit, has received $24,000 from the customers of Metropolitan Markets.

Customers who were offered a five-cent rebate for bringing in a reusable bag had the option of donating that money to the non-profit. From August 2009 to December 2010, 480,000 nickels were collected for a grand total of $24,000.

“Puget Soundkeeper Alliance is thrilled to have this substantial support from Metropolitan Market customers,” said Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Executive Director Chris Wilke. “Puget Sound is a national treasure worth protecting, and water quality is absolutely essential to a healthy Sound. This support will help us protect water quality through active monitoring, pollution response, citizen advocacy and volunteer involvement.”

“The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance was chosen as the recipient for customer donations because of its work to preserve the Puget Sound,” the press release states. “By patrolling the waterways and acting as the eyes and ears of the public, the organization aims to reduce the pollution of Puget Sound, making offenders accountable to the law while promoting education and cooperation.”

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