Apartment/condo dwellers must now foodcycle

Updated: From Marcia Rutan in comments: Just to clarify, as the project manager for this program, properties are required to provide the food and yard waste cart. However, residents of apt and condos are not required to sort their food into the cart. They can still put it into the garbage. It’s great to see the enthusastic response even with optional participation!

Food scraps, napkins, pizza boxes and other compostable items must go in the new green bin that many people in Ballard recently received.

Photo of a new food & yard waste bin sent to us by Robby Delaware.

While single-family homes have had food and yard waste collection for several years, a new city ordinance goes into effect today requiring apartment and condo buildings with five or more units to subscribe to food waste collection service. “The intent of this law is to ensure that all residents can compost their food scraps and yard waste, which reduces waste sent to the landfill by making it into compost for local parks and gardens,” Brett Stav with Seattle Public Utilities says.

For more information on the new rules regarding food waste collection for apartment/condos, click here. (Thanks Robby for the tip!)

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