Group attacked by unknown suspects

A group of people were attacked by four unknown suspects on NW 56th Street near 15th Ave NW last Saturday. According to Publicola, the victims were homeless.

According to the police report, a woman called police about 4 p.m. and said that the group had noticed a white Volkswagon van drive by and park a half block away before the attack.

From the redacted report:
“The occupants of the van waited for several minutes before exiting the van. They appeared to be watching [redacted] and the others in the group. After several minutes she heard one of the men say something similar to [redacted]. And then the four men attacked [redacted].”

When the friends of the victim tried to break up the fight, the four suspects turned on the entire group. “The four men punched and kicked all of those present except for [redacted.]”

The four men left the scene after the attack. Police tracked down the address for the suspect’s van and found blood on a doorknob into the house and a drop of what appeared to be blood on the kitchen floor. The van and owner were not there when police knocked. No word on if any arrests have been made.

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